Who am I ?

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Hello, I'm Eric LEDUC, an aspiring French Game Programmer. Since I played my first game at 5, I've always known I wanted to develop the stories I dreamt up. It became obvious to me that I would do everything I could to make my dream come true.

I'm an Aspiring French Game Programmer !


The first one is Tough Kookie. In this game the player must defeat his/her enemies in the most spectacular way possible, while using the environment cleverly, as a weapon. The player earns money it can reinvest to create fight scenes. This is a school project we made in group of 8 (2 game programmers, 3 game designers and 3 artists). This is my Master 2 full year project.

Another very cool project is a school work I did in a team of eight over six months. God Cooking Planet God Cooking Planet lets you create your planet from various elements, mix them together and discover the unique planet you've just created. At the end, you'll create your solar system and see life grow .

I created a boardgame with three friends. It's called Ha'Garta. My friends and I presented it in a lot of conventions, with the goal of finding an editor. That introduced me directly to the professional world, because I had to manage a budget for my team and speak with professionals. The best part of it is that we were selected for the International Festival of Boardgames in Cannes, in the young creator's category.

I will never stop trying and creating things ! Coding features and discovering new ways to do things is exciting !


I'm a super motivated guy, trying to enjoy life through doing what I love in my work and in my free-time. I have as a personal goal to never stop being curious and always seek new experiences to improve my skills. I like to think about ideas and my choices over and over again to have to best result possible. I try to be as efficient as possible to help my current and future team-mates. Thanks to the experience I have had as an animator I'm sociable and I always try to adapt to the universe / team I work with. I'm a Game Programmer with skills in UE4, Unity, C# and C++.