Technical Feature

We had to create a fully procedural system to be able to create a variety of planets from basic elements. We had also to manage a database to let the game designer create the elements that the player would be able to use.

Best Features

God Cooking Planet lets you create your planet from various elements, mix them together and discover the unique planet you've juste created. At the end, you'll create your solar system and see life grow.


This is a school project we made in a group of 6 (2 gameplay programmers and 4 game designers). We continued the project to be able to released it on steam.

Download it here !

My role

I was in charge of developing the gameplay. I did a large part of the basic gameplay. I also did a lot of work on the animator and FX side. I also did a lot of UI scripting, working with game designers to ensure cohesion of the whole UI of the game. Finally, another large part of my work was to create transition and smooth camera movement from phase to phase to ensure the flow of the game.

About the game

God Cooking Planet is a sandbox game, meaning there is no imposed goal and the progression is not linear. Your only goal is to create your own galaxy by cooking planets. Objectives are suggested to the player, if he succeeds, he will be rewarded with more tools and ingredients for his creations.