Save Them All

Technical Feature

This project is a VR game that we develop on Unity. It was the first time I code for a VR project.

Best Features

Save Them All use the VR to let you solve puzzle using power and the liberty given by the VR. In this game where you'll have to guide little creatures throught all levels.


This a school that we made in group of three (three gameplay programmers). We had 1 week to build a playable prototype as a proof of concept.

My role

I was in charge to adapt the gameplay that an other membre create to the VR system. Which mean I did a lot of retro engineering on the steam VR plugin to be able to modify it for our gameplay and also to create new scripts to handle our feature. I also did all the input part to the VR.

About the game

In Save Them All, you will have to guide you're little friends to the end of each level. The game is a lemmings-like. There is a lot of little friend spawning from a point, and with your abality you'll have to guide them throught the level. In addition to that, in Save Them All, just before guiding you're little friend, you will have to build your own level.