Technical Feature

In this game I had to code the online system and the gameplay mechanics. I also created a matchmaking system and a lobby for the players.

Best Features

Dig Here is a multiplayer game where two archeologist are in competition to find as many relics as they can. They will lead workers to dig and find treasures that they can expose in their museum.


The game was created and submitted to the Microsoft Imagine Cup challenge. We were a team of 3 (game programmer, game designer, artist). We developed this prototype over 3 months.

My role

The main development and efforts were made for the online part. It was the first time I worked on an online project. Then the major part was to adapt the gameplay mechanics to the online part.

About the game

Dig Here is a online STR game. Players will have to lead their workers to dig and find archeological treasures that they will be able to expose in their museum to increase the incoming money. But some of the objects the players will find are just human garbage, a player can use it and throw it in the dig area of his opponent to slow him down.