Technical Feature

The game was developed on Unity. We used a base to control the Van, then I tweaked it to have a soapbox feel. The game will require dexterity of the player to be able to manage the twink stick.

Best Features

The player will have to grab a maximum number of people in order to increase his multiplier to the highest possible level before the countdown reaches zero.


This project is a 1 week game jam with friends. We were in a team of 6 (2 Technical game designers, 2 game designers and 2 artists). The goal of this project was to have fun and train our skills on Unity for our future.

My role

I was one of the two Technical Game Designer. I tweaked the base we had for the van, then I did some core development, like the life system and the scoring system. I also integrated some of the Artist work. I worked with the Game Designer and the Level Designer to develop the features the right way.

About the game

Never Ending Disco Love is a medley of a drive game and a twin-stick game. The player is trying to spread love in the city, using his Van. The Van is equipped with a mechanical arm. He will have to grab the maximum number of people inside his Van, while avoiding the cop cars or pushing them back with his grab. The more people that are inside the Van, the higher the score and the multiplier.