Technical Feature

The best technical feature is I created a modular Database to create a pool of moves and combos easily implementable and tweakable. The system is designed to add or modify moves and combos so well as adding or tweaking effects on each hit easily.

Best Features

The player must defeat his/her enemies in the most spectacular way possible, while using his/her environment cleverly, as a weapon. The player earns money it can reinvest to create his/her own fight scenes.


This is a school project we made in a group of 8 (2 game programmers, 3 game designers and 3 artists). This is my graduation project.

Check out the page here !

My role

My role was to code the gameplay of the fighting part. I also coded features like camera movement, the UI and the input system. I used Database, Blueprint and C++ to create databases and a fighting system.

Here you can see a sample of my database used to create a fight move.

Here you can see an early development sample of my work for the fighting part with hit detection and collision.

About the game

Tough Kookie is a third-person solo beat’em up, with an important management/creation component.The action takes place in a movie studio, a rehabilitated distillery in Harlem, New York during the end of the 70’s. Tessa Kirby, a. k. a. Tough Kookie, is a director & actress specialized in martial arts who strives to become the biggest action movie star of her time. She is determined to shoot the most spectacular martial art movies, supervising the process of the scene creation before acting herself.